Phyllida Bluemel

Phyllida Bluemel is an artist, illustrator and book-maker based in Falmouth, Cornwall. She is interested in the philosophy of language, logic and structures of thought, especially as related to nature. Phyllida illustrated and designed Martyn Crucefix’s O. at the Edge of the Gorge.


O. at the Edge of the Gorge

O. At the edge of the Gorge is a crown of sonnets written by Martyn Crucefix. The maplike illustrations curl about the edge of newsprint french-folded pages. Slipped amongst Crucefix’s lyric text, they mimic the formal continuity within his poetic series.


On Ridgegrove Hill

A collaboration with Alyson Hallett, Charles Causley poet-in-residence at Launceston in 2014. Real map-lines around Charles Causley’s house spread across the pages, sometimes unravelling to sketch the interior architecture of his home, where Alyson was retracing Causley both physically and in words.

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The Tang of Height

A collection of images and ideas, exploring height as a metaphor for language; 'The Tang of Height'  ties together the lives of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Alexander Graham Bell, and Nan Shepherd through images and ideas that resonate. A limited artist book edition, handprinted at Women’s Studio Workshop (NY)

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