The Guillemot Factory

Guillemot Press is uncontainably thrilled to announce a new collaboration beginning in 2018 between Guillemot Press and The Word Factory. The Word Factory is the most exciting short story organisation around, as well as a fantastic developer of new writing talent.

2018 will be our first year working with Cathy Galvin and her team, releasing short story pamphlets from award-winning writers Jessie Greengrass, Adam Marek, David Constantine and Carys Davies.

What’s more, this 2018 series of story pamphlets will be illustrated by the artist and comic book maker Donya Todd. We have had an eye on Donya’s work for some time now and leapt at this opportunity to work with her.

Every new venture deserves a new logo, and this little beauty (above) was made for us by another exceptional young talent, CF Sherratt.

More news anon!