CF Sherratt

CF Sherratt is an illustrator and multidisciplinary artist. His work has spanned comics, artist books, commercial illustration, music, sound art, fine art drawing & murals. Charlie created the logos for The Guillemot Factory and illustrated Sarah Cave’s like fragile clay.


Completed for Crooked Limb Press's New Slang anthology, Capsule is an avant garde comic attempting to represent a situation from the inside of the protagonist's mind, combining a number of visual languages which intersect at moments of meaning to convey feeling rather than delivering a cohesive story.


A collaboration with Luke Thompson, the images for A Noctuary piece together an indistinct map of East Moor at night, informed by real experience as well as the text. The images draw on the sensory crisis of night time, constructing scenes and objects of ambiguous intent, threat and the sublime.


Steeplewind is an experimental graphic novel, logging the activity of the residents of an eponymous town around the time of a series of crop circlings. It explores the inexorably speculative nature of the human mind, toying with ideas of subjective reality and the eerie.

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