Rose Ferraby

Rose Ferraby is an illustrator, archaeologist and cultural geologist, whose mixed-media work often explores our relationship with landscape.



Created with Mark Edmonds, this book of poetry and printmaking explores the Neolithic stone working in the Langdales, Cumbria. The text and imagery interplay to explore narratives of people and place.

Tender Map - smaller.jpg

The Tender Map

The illustrations for Melanie’s rich, visual poems sought to reflect the landscapes traversed; the ebb and flow of earth and water. I wanted to draw out the textures of place, creating marks and forms that echoed the character and voice.

Star Carr_small.jpg

Star Carr

Commissioned for an exhibition of ‘A Story of Survival: Prehistoric Life at Star Carr’ at at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge, these paintings play with the way archaeological finds emerge from the peat landscape on the site, giving a rich picture of life in the Mesolithic.