Ria Gunton

Ria is a Plymouth-based illustrator who works in a variety of mediums, including paint, printmaking, collage and digital drawing. Ria has worked with Guillemot on a range of covers, including Rowan Evans’s The Last Verses of Beccán, Kalimba and Isabel Galleymore’s Cyanic Pollens, as well as a series of images and logos for the Bodmin Moor Poetry Festival.


Claustrophobic Animals

This series of colourful and whimsical animal illustrations explore the idea of ‘normal’ through their appearance, trapped within limited space, the figures are manipulated and change.

draft 1 (no green) .jpg

Cyanic Pollens

Front and back cover illustrations for Cyanic Pollens by poet Isabel Galleymore.

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Coil Pots

A personal exploration of shapes and form using clay, building imperfect and fully functional coil pots.